Genesis 19

This week’s Sunday Service was about how Lot tried to compromise with God. In this Chapter it explained about the worldly people living in sin in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. In turn for their sinfulness God’s angels made the men go blind for living in the world. We often tend never plan to go as far as we do, then when we plan.

Lot tries to negotiate with God’s angels. The angels were trying to save Lot and his family before God destroyed these cities. The angels told Lot to head to the mountains and not to look back. Because Lot’s wife looked back God turned her into a pillar of salt.

The lesson to be learned is there is no compromising with God. We are to heed God’s direction. We have the truth, but we need to share about God’s salvation with the unsaved. God has done everything for us. We need to live for Jesus! We need to give our burdens to Jesus to live free.

Stop looking back at the world, start focusing on what God wants you to do. We can start over in Jesus. God forgives when we repent. How are you going to change for Jesus today? Return to Jesus!


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