3 Ways To Be A Better Professor

The news recently reported that there is a huge rise in the number of suicide, self harm, and missing students due to the pandemic. Issues students are faced with: feelings of anxiety from being isolated, having to go for frequent covid testing, struggling with learning remotely, or even grieving the loss of a loved one due to covid.

Here are 3 ways to be a better professor to help your students thrive:

Be Available, let students know how they can best reach you. Give students extra time before or after class to ask questions. Professors might want to offer one-on-one Zoom online meetings for struggling students.

Be Helpful, let students know you care by sending an email with helpful resources and try including an motivational quote to encourage the student. A student might just need to a find a tutor or a gentle push to visit the writing center for extra help for proofing their term papers.

Be Sensitive, let students vent, as they are being asked to isolate at home or social distance on campus. Imaging having your own college campus experience being rip away from you. If you understanding the student’s situation, then you can create a more compassionate response.

I often find that students actually make me a better teacher. This semester, I am making myself more available remotely for students to listen to their difficulties. If a student is suffering from a recent life challenge, then I let them know that I praying for them and that their situation would improve. This lets the student know that someone cares about what happening in their lives. So far, it has been well received. Sometimes having a teacher who is willing to listen and offer extra resources, or even a prayer is all a student needs to get through their challenging crisis. Most of all, encourage students to reach out for help immediately.

How do you help your students thrive?

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