Is Google a Good or a Bad Thing?

Today, my students did a great job debating the question, “Is Google a good or a bad thing?” The class was asked to read these two articles:

Next, each group presented their facts that either Google is the greatest thing next to slice bread or that Google is most evil type of search media that exists today.

Students quickly determined that we have become so dependent on technology. The author, Nicholas Carr, of the 2008 article “Is Google making Us Stupid”, stated that we have become “Pancake People” for wanting to just push a button for an answer. My students agreed, that it isn’t that we are dumb, but that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves. The scientists stated in the other article, “Google’s effects on memory”, that our first thought has become to Google, if we do not automatically know an answer. Basically, our brains have become hard wired to technology.

Google technology is a matter of convenience depending on the digital divide. So, how much time should we spend on Googling? Have we really forgotten how to read a book or take a time out to play outside, so much so that we let technology consume our lives and control how we think?

#marist #goredfoxes 🦊

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