Revelation 13

This chapter describes the anti-Christ, the man of sin, the beast. God sees this person who reflects Satan, Lucifer. In this chapter John explains how the Antichrist will try to destroy the world. As believers, we won’t be here for this lawlessness, but we need to know that it will occur. The Holy Spirit is holding this leader back until the time revealed. This event will happen at the time of the rapture, when Jesus takes His people up. While there have been several false prophets, but this one will bring great deception.

We need to hold true to God and His commandments. We need Christ and understanding of the cross more than anything. We have the Holy Spirit in us and remain faithful to Jesus. If we don’t we will be swallowed up by the world. We need to stay in His Holy Word to keep us on the right path, so not to be deceived. We have a choice and to choose what’s right. Who are you listening to? Trust Jesus!

The verse that stands out is verse 9 where it states who has an ear let them hear. We need to share Jesus and His free gift of salvation. From chapter 20 we know that the beast final destination is hell, but until then we need to continue to fight off false truths. This person is going to promise nations everything with one world order. No matter what we must remain true to Jesus! Again, are you listening to Jesus?

Calvary Chapel of Hudson Valley Service

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