Information Literacy

I just finished teaching an 8 week course on Library Literacy for SUNY Ulster via Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prisons. Students learnt how to properly cite sources using the MLA style format. This course also covered the 7 pillars of Information Literacy, which are: 1. Plan, 2. Purpose, 3. Location, 4. Identification, 5. Management, 6. Evaluation, and 7. Communication. Here is the textbook:

SUNY The Information Literacy User’s Guide

The college provided various sources on the subject of Homelessness and Housing in America, so students could see different types of literature via book reviews, popular articles, scholarly journals, and websites resources. Students learnt the importance of using the “CARS” check list for a specific topic, as well as, how to write an annotated bibliography. Their main project was to write a short paper on one of the seven pillars of Information Literacy, in regards to, which one resonated the most to them based on their research experience throughout the course.

MLA Style Center Website

I find the hardest steps for most college students are 1. How to cite a source within the context of one’s paper and 2. How to properly create a Works Cited page. I look forward to reading my students final term paper to see how they applied what they have learned about information literacy this semester. It is amazing how resilient these college students are with learning even during the pandemic via remote correspondence.

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