Revelation 14

In this chapter, John, the disciple, reveals that he saw the Lamb of God along with the 144,000 people who make it through the end times. This is why we need to accept Jesus now rather than later. The end times will be no like anything we have ever seen. We, as Christians, will be called up before the end times happen. We need to share Christ, so that none are lost. We need to be thankful that God is faithful, as Jesus is with us through every storm. God will not forsake us nor give us more than we can handle. God always rescues us by providing His protection.

We are to trust God no matter what happens or comes our way. God keeps His promises. God will finish what He started in you – Philippians 1:6, even though sin happens all around us. How can we keep God’s commandments? By following Jesus and staying true to Him! We need to help others to see Jesus because only Jesus takes away sin. Jesus is praying for you to remain strong in His Holy Word, as Jesus will fight for us and He will be victorious! No one will beat Jesus! God wins! There is true victory in Jesus!

Please understand the 144,000 will have the mark of Jesus. They are not Jehovah witnesses, as they often profess this and it is false doctrine. Because anyone who accepts Jesus will be in heaven. Revelation 14 reminds me of this verse – Behold, the Lamb of God – The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” From John 1:29. Are you sealed by the blood of the Lamb? Have you consider accepting Christ in your heart today? God is the only one who can assure us salvation. Look to Jesus!

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