Media 101 Week 6

This week my media class is learning about interactive media, such as virtual and augmented reality. This chapter mostly covers the history of video games from penny arcades to console tv systems, and the internet brought about online game apps.

Our class discussed the types of video games students have played and whether video gaming is good or bad for a person. The ethical question always arises if ‘shooter’ type games cause a child to develop violent behavior because they lack the capacity of the cognitive understanding between fantasy or reality.

The textbook even provides a therapy website for those suffering with a technology addiction from playing video games. Though like every sport there are some extreme gamers who actually make a living playing video games all day long. Video gaming is huge industry, so there is a need for game developers for not only action games, but also for the creation of educational learning games.

Jane McGonigal, a game designer, shared the impact of playing video games via her TedTalk – Gaming can make a better world. She states that gamers are quick thinkers and usually great problem solvers. This positive perspective should make any managers think twice of who they might want on their team.


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