The Teacher’s Pet

This past week, I decided to have some fun with my classes, as I let Shadow my beloved German Shepherd girl pup greet my students on Zoom. I figured it be a great way to help them decompress before having to take midterms. Pup was well received by the students and was very good at sitting in the chair all by herself. Though I was also standing nearby feeding her Scooby snacks, which helped a bit. The college kids think my pup Shadow is absolutely adorable. I agree with them, as she is after all the Teacher’s pet.

I pray for my students to do well in all their midterms. I especially ask God for a shield of protection to be up on them, as they are on a covid lockdown due to the rise of cases on campuses. This semester isn’t all what they deserve, but they are resilient enough to push themselves through the remote isolation. May vaccinations become more readily available for everyone, especially for teachers and students, as they are our future.

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