Psalm Sunday

Revelation 14:1 is a great reminder about the Lamb of God and His return shall come. God promise is foretold, but are we listening? In verses 9-20 God tells us not everyone is going to heaven. There will be a day of judgement. Why do we continue to remove God out of everything? We should be drawing closer to Jesus.

We need to understand that each of us has a choice either to follow God or not. If one does not, then they shall be thrown into the fiery furnace of hell. Those who die in Lord will be raised up to be with Jesus in heaven.

Why do we not put Jesus first in our lives? We need to give Thanks to our Father God for giving us salvation and pray that He will help us to share the gospel with those who are unsaved. God wants none to perish. But, we need to take up our cross and trade it in for a crown.

Are you reaching out to ensure your family and friends are ready to be called up to be with Jesus? God message will continue to go forth. Nothing will stop God and His Holy Word. Everyone needs Jesus! Don’t hide Jesus, instead let Jesus shine through you.

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