Skills, Drills, and Thrills

Today. we went to the Lloyd Rod and Gun Club in Highland, NY. It has a really nice outdoor range. We were able to get lots of practice in, as we had the chance to practice our so called, “muscle memory” of how to properly load a firearm and do lots of target practice. During today’s course we even got to shoot at clay pigeons. Overall, the class was lots of fun, as it was a good refresher to review and build on our shooting skills.

Yes, I support the NRA and the 2nd amendment to bear arms. However, I do agree there needs to be better background checks before one is actually allowed to purchase a firearm. I also think one should complete a Basic NRA firearm’s class to learn the government laws and rules of owning and using a firearm.

Just because you own a firearm, it doesn’t make you a criminal, but every owner should learn how to properly respect a firearm. In today’s class I was glad to see I wasn’t the only girl there. It’s a a great hobby if you know how to follow the guidelines set forth.

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