Media 101 Week 9

This week’s Media class is learning the in and outs of Public Relations. We covered the topic of rhetoric and how by constructing written or spoken words can be affected by ethos, logos, and pathos, which is persuasion used by an author to convince others to see their viewpoint. For example, a writer can use any medium to convey their message to get the public either join their cause or even purchase a product or service.

The students will have an opportunity to create a PR campaign for a product to convince others that their product is better than the competition. They be incorporating Aristotle’s rhetoric triangle by creating social media content to grab the public’s attention to want to know more about an organization, a product item, or to even consider hosting a live event.

Students will also be examining famous speakers and their speeches to see how crafting the right words can affect others in a negative or positive way. Today’s mass media and pr lines are so interwoven that can quickly enhance or destroy one’s brand or character in seconds. We need to step back and take the time to examine the facts and truth before responding online. We can accomplish this best by leaving our emotions at the door in order to frame the context of our communication in a more positive light.

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