God Is Not Done

Today’s Sunday Sermon is from Isaiah 43, which is the time of the redemption of Babylon. The Israelites were in a dark valley and suffering. We can often question, “What is our purpose?” So we need to understand that God is in control of everything.

In this passage, God revealed Himself seven times to His people: 1. God is our creator, 2. God is our redeemer, 3. God Is our protector, 4. God is our Savior, 5. God is the Only God, 6. God is Sovereign, and 7. God is our King.

In Chapter 43, God tells us twice to fear not. Because God will comfort during times of uncertainty. In verse 16 and 17, we are reminded that God will make a way for us like He did for the nation of Israel. God can do the impossible! Because God is bigger than any problem.

God asks us to remember who He is. Jesus will do what is best for us. God will not abandon us. We need to see God as the God who was, the God that will be, but also the God for right now. God is working in us every day.

There no reason to fear death, because Jesus isn’t done with you yet. Yes, covid and other illnesses are real, but we need to share the gospel! Praise God daily, as others are listening and so that the gospel truth will go forth.

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley video

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