Media 101 Week 11

This week’s media class topic is Media Ethics. Students will be reviewing the philosophy of categorical imperative by Kant. We will also covering both the Golden rule and the Golden mean.

While we have laws and rules to help govern us, but everyone has their own moral compass. Media, advertising, and the news can easily be construed to fit the agenda of the company and it’s stake holders in order to earn a profit.

Students will be examining current ethical case studies to determine whether their group agrees with the outcomes by separating facts vs. opinions. Students will analyze characters and consequences of both sides of the media story. Today’s journalists need to put their own ethics aside to report the truth and even sometimes go under cover to expose what is truth.

One of the biggest ethical issue is privacy vs. the public’s right to know. Unfortunately, what is best for all often wins out over what is morally correct. Thus, media ethics can affect one’s character, so he or she will need to face consequences for their own moral actions.


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