A Desperate Mother

Today’s church service was from Matthew 15:21-28, where Jesus is traveling in Jerusalem. Jesus meets a desperate mother and he hears her crying out to God to save her child from the demons within daughter. Others told this nameless Canaanite woman to be quiet, but she doesn’t stop calling until she finds Jesus.

At first Jesus ignores until she cries out for mercy and for His help for both of them. This mother did not bring her daughter with her. Jesus hears and sees that the woman has great faith. She humbled herself and she did what was necessary to save her daughter by honoring Jesus. However, Jesus then heals her daughter from all that she was suffering.

Jesus performed another miracle and just as Jesus heals this desperate mother’s child, He can heal you. Jesus wants to hear from you today. Reach out to Jesus, as He is waiting for you to ask for His help. Let your prayers be known to Jesus for He will answer you! God will guide you through it all. Jesus is able to do anything, if you just ask.

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley video

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