Media 101 Week 13

This week’s Media class is learning about media methods and theories. Students are discovering the difference between quantitative and qualitative research tools used for collecting and analyzing data on a topic. The class discussed several different communication models that apply to media and how they evolved throughout history. Students realized the importance of delivering the right a message for your intended audience can sometimes be construed the wrong way by others based upon hidden values, beliefs, or cultural traits.

The class watched a video about the BoBo doll experiment where groups of children were observed twice in the 1960’s based upon what their behavior was after watching an adult treat a bobo doll violently. The experience revealed that children learn visually by watching others, as one group was passive and controlled vs. another group exhibited aggressive and violent behavior.

Students are continuing to share their media presentations. It is always interesting to see what media topic resonated with students throughout the semester and then give them a chance to share about what they discovered about it.

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