Tymor Park

Today, I took a much needed break from grading papers to take Shadow to Tymor Park in Lagrangeville, NY. It was an absolutely a beautiful day to drive and get together with friends. We watched their husbands play a of game of Gaelic (GAA) football, which is like the sport of rugby. It is my understanding that this Irish Gaelic football team sport is kinda like soccer, except you can take four steps and kick the ball, but can also touch the ball, but only for a few seconds before you have to bounce it. Here is a video of Gaelic game to see it being played in action.

The view on the way home of the view of the Appalachian mountains is amazingly awesome. I look forward to going back and hiking some of the park’s trails. Here is an arial sky view of the actual park: The Tymor Park video. In 1971, the Jean and Ralph Conner donated the huge farm and forest to the Town of Union Vale in Dutchess County to be a 500 acre recreational park, so everyone can enjoy the great outdoors and it’s scenic views.

It also turns out that Mrs. Conner mother is best selling author, Jean Webster. She was also Samuel Clemons great niece and his pen name is none other than the legendary author, Mark Twain. It is no wonder that a few years later they found some of Twain’s writings in the attic of the old clapboard house. In 1977 to honor alumni Jean Webster, the Conners donated Twain’s 52 box collection of notebooks and manuscripts to nearby Vassar College (Source: Poughkeepsie Journal’s historical story on Jean Webster’s Union Vale House.

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