Media 101 Week 14

The week media class is reviewing chapter 14 as to how mass communication is affected by politics. Students had a chance to discuss how negative aspects play into forming our political views. I shared the importance of the how the Constitution provides help with bipartisan disagreements. The history behind this concept is fully explain by Noah Feldman in his 2017 Ted Talk video where he shares how Hamilton vs. Madison created the original political division.

The class quickly realized all the negativity in the mass media brings about the rise of the political division. It causes the need for surveillance and more transparency from our government. Mass media can often use surveys or push polls to gain public view on an important issue. The Marist Poll is one great example of a political tool that is used often to gain public opinion.

We need to continue to educate others to respect each other’s political, religious, and cultural differences. It’s okay to protest to promote a cause, but it must be done peacefully. Social Media will continue to cause disparity and disputes, but we must try to live harmonious if our society is to survive.

We will also be covering Chapter 15 which discusses global impact on mass media. Students are continuing to present their research media projects to the class and critique each other.


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