NRA Basics Instructors Course

Yes, I am all signed up to take the NRA Basic Instructors Course at Whortlekill Rod and Gun Club in June. If I pass the range part, then I will be a certified instructor for teaching about how to properly use small firearms and to safely maintaining their firearms for their next time on the range.

I am super excited to test my plinking skills, as my brother says I have “it.” Whatever it is? I guess I find out soon enough, as I have to place 20 rounds in a 6×6 square and I was able to place 10 in a 3×3 square. So I guess my brother is right, that his kid sister has got “it” right on target!

This NRA Basic Instructors course will provide me an opportunity to supplement my income in the summertime going forward. I was raised on the importance to respecting firearms, so I also want to teach others to do the same. So do pray that if I am to excel professionally with teaching this course that a possible range would open up.

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