Adjunct Teaching Part 2

These hints below will help you to be ready to start the semester on time. You will need to contact the digital learning team if you need help learning the college learning management system (LMS), ie. Blackboard, Moodle, or Sakai.

Next, ask the department chair for a copy of a previous course syllabus, so you can see how others taught the course. This makes it easier for you to create your own syllabus and a tentative lesson plan. Ask the department chair if you need to use a certain textbook or can you choose your own selection for the class. You will need to order textbooks for students to either buy or rent through the college bookstore. Be sure to have a current copy of the current academic calendar, so you can start setting up your courses and the grade book online.

Be sure to email the department chair a copy of you syllabus and lesson plan, as this is usually a requirement, so they can review it, ensure it has everything required by the college on it, and to know how your class is going to flow for the semester. Plus, upload the syllabus and lesson plan for students to review it online and hopefully they will order their books ahead of class.

Get to know the accessibility department because you may have a student with a disability and they may need extra time and quiet space for exams. The student must meet with the accessibility department and have approved form to email or hand to you. It is then the Professor responsibility to contact the accessibility department to state which student has your permission to take their exam at what time, how much time is allowed, and what the student can use during their exam, ie. Class notes, textbook, etc.


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