Adjunct Teaching Part 3

During the semester be sure to take attendance each class, know when midterm and final grades are due, and communicate with your students and their college advisors should you see any student start falling behind. Some colleges students have assigned mentors and the college may have specific notification form. Most importantly, do not share any student’s grade information with parents unless the student has given the college permission for approval this to occur.

Once you are with a college start to connect with other professors in the same department. If you want to get involved then attend teaching webinars to get to know others on the same campus or volunteer time to help on a committee. Connect with college on social media and create a LinkedIn network of professors for the future.

Remember that you are there, as a mentor to help your students succeed. I found it very helpful to connect with both the IT help desk for software and hardware assistance and the digital learning team for course and classroom setup. I also highly suggest to familiarize yourself with the campus library and the librarian staff to help with course material for assignments for your students.

Lastly, update your resume each semester to show what courses and colleges you have taught at, as this is helpful if you apply to teach elsewhere as an instructor. Adjunct teaching is a great way to add to your income, but it is way worth more, as you get to share your knowledge and experience with today’s students. Your students will make you a better teacher. Please feel free to ask me any questions on how to go about becoming an adjunct teacher.

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