Interested in Adjunct Teaching? Part 1

Once you have completed your masters degree you can teach at any college or university. I often get asked, “Where to start as an adjunct teacher?”

Here’s how to become an adjunct teacher: Prior to searching for teaching job have the following information: a cover letter, a current resume, a copy of your original college transcripts, and usually 3 references. The best place to start adjunct teaching is where you graduated from. Let your professors that you’re interested in teaching, as most are willing to offer you a course or two. Most professors will even be a reference for you to teach elsewhere if needed.

Search the local colleges campus websites for adjunct ads that are related to your major. Most colleges will state to apply online through the college’s Human Research department website portal. However, the best way is to email the chair of the department you are interested in teaching because they actually review resumes and match up professors with the courses that are on the semester schedule.

My recommendation is to start with teaching one course if you are working full time elsewhere or start with two classes to get your feet wet and learn the ropes of how things work on campus. Decide early on if you want to teach during the day or at night, because the departmental chair will want to know when you’re available to teach. The more flexible you are, the more opportunities are provided.

Once hired as an adjunct Professor, you will need to obtain: an college id card, a parking sticker, a college email address, and most importantly a signed contract along with complete the other required HR forms to sign. Be prepared to complete the college’s required HR webinars, so you will know what to do if any student has a problem in class or on campus.

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