Second Chances

Today’s Sunday Service was by guest Pastor Dave Tomasso and was based on Matthew 11. Jesus and the disciples go out to preach to the masses. However, John the Baptist was in prison and he doubtingly asks, “If Jesus is the one to come?”

Jesus responds to the disciples to tell John the Baptist again the fact that He is the one who had done sights and wonders that no other person could do. Jesus gives His testimony that John is just like us, but He is God’s son and our Savior.

The verses that stood out to me was 10 where Jesus states that He goes before us and prepares the way. The other verse was 15 where Jesus states those who have ears let them hear the Word of God.

Ideas are easy, Life is hard. Christianity is demanding and we need to heed God’s direction. We will mess up even with our faith, but God’s grace is unwavering upon us. Jesus is the best and hear what God wants for you.

We will go to and fro, like a reed blowing in the wind, but Jesus is the only truth that does not change. Jesus was sent to forgive our sins and to save us, but we first must repent of our transgressions. Jesus will restore you, so He can use us for His glory.

Calvary Chapel Sunday Service video

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