Creating a Lesson Plan

As an adjunct Professor, you will need to create a tentative lesson plan for your course syllabus. I say tentative because anything can happen, ie. we just seen a pandemic rearrange our entire schedules.

Depending on the textbook you choose, some authors provide a outline for lessons with assignments that correspond with each chapter. Most authors will also provide chapter PowerPoint presentations, video links based upon weekly content, case studies, critical thinking questions to build forums or in-class discussions, extra articles to read to help students dig deeper into the current topic, and even chapter test banks to help create weekly quizzes, midterm and final exams.

Or you can go rogue and create your own plan. There is no set rule that states you have start at the beginning of the book either. You just need to be sure to cover the required objectives for the course.

Here is what the lesson plan should include: the # of weeks with the starting date, chapter topic, assignments, and of course the due dates. Check the current academic calendar for when grades are due. Remember to account for any specific faculty days or special holidays to add to the schedule.

Under Assignments: List what chapter(s) to read and/or other articles or video to watch. Post the weekly assignments to complete. Be sure to list if there is a discussion forum to participate in, or any weekly quizzes to complete, or when any special project like a term paper, a presentation, a group project, a video, or a website are due. Let students also know if you are planning to do a review prior to exams. Lastly, state when midterm and final exams are scheduled.

Email a copy of the syllabus and lesson plan to the chair before the semester starts. Upload both for students to review online. Next, you’re all set to start building your course online and adding resources to be used during the semester.

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