The 2nd Amendment

As an American citizen, each of us has the Constitutional right to bear arms as per the 2nd Amendment, but we also need to be responsible when using firearms. The news is continuing to report more shootings than ever before. The other stigma is that everyone who owns a gun is bad, which is definitely not true. I do agree on the strict background checks and digital fingerprinting to obtain a permit to own firearms. However, I also would add that all firearm owners be made to take at least a NRA basic shooting instructions course. One needs know how to protect oneself, their family, and their property.

Do guns solve problems, in the criminal sense, No! But in war, one might say the one with the most soldiers and weapon artillery would win battle. In the case of defending one’s freedom, the one with the best aim wins. In my opinion, one should always try to deescalate a problem with words first. I am not saying to be a victim if being attacked. If need be call the police and let them handle the situation, as they had way more training practice than you most likely. You don’t want to learn the hard way by making a mistake, so never pick up a firearm when angry.

Our founding fathers designed the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution so we can defend and protect ourselves from unlawful violence, so we must also honor and respect the firearms laws accordingly. Please consider Supporting the NRA, do not let your freedom rights be taken away. Take NRA courses so you can learn and gain insight on how and when to correctly use a firearm safely. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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