Firearm Safety and Security

Today, I am prepping this week for my NRA Basic Instructor’s course by reviewing what the basic safety and security rules for firearms. The top 5 basic rules for any gun owner are the following:

  1. Always treat any firearm as if it were loaded, so don’t rely on the firearm’s safety lock to be on.
  2. Always point the muzzle/barrel of the firearm pointed in a safe direction away from you.
  3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  4. Always check and clear the barrel before handling or shooting any firearm. If a firearm miss fires handle it with extreme care and if need be ask for help.
  5. Always know your target and what’s beyond it.

The Firearm Industry Trade Association video

Other important firearm safety & security tips that every firearms owner should also know are:

  1. Always use the correct type of ammunition,
  2. Always clean and maintain your firearm after each use.
  3. Always wear eye and ear protection gear when shooting.
  4. Always learn the mechanics of a firearm, as not all guns are the same. Know how to properly do loading, unloading, carrying, and handling of each firearm you own.
  5. Always keep your firearms unloaded when not in use. Be sure to properly lock up both your firearms and any ammunition separately from each other, especially if there are children in your home!

As a future NRA basic pistol instructor, these are key points to memorize and share with future students. Owning a firearm isn’t just about shooting it. There are different state, county, and town rules and regulations to follow. Every firearm owner needs to adhere to these guidelines for their own safety, as well as, for the security of others around them. Now, let’s go practice shooting on the range!


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