Run, Hide, Fight

Unfortunately, gun violence is on the rise, as it is happening everywhere not just in colleges or schools, but also in shopping malls and movie theaters across our country. Did you know that there are approximately 120 gun deaths a day reported in the United States this year alone? (Source:

Today, I wanted to share what should one do during an active shooter event ever occur either at you school or workplace. The following FBI video- Run. Hide, Fight, is for citizens to know what to do during an active shooter(s) emergency.

This Ted Talk – My Son was a Columbine Shooter video, features Sue Klebold, as she shares her experience dealing with the loss of her son Dylan Klebold. He was 1 of the 2 shooters during the Columbine High School Massacre. His mother also discusses the importance of getting help for those who dealing with suicidal thoughts or mental health issues. If you’re struggling always reach out for medical help, as gun violence is not the answer.

Remember – Run, Hide, Fight!


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