NRA Instructor’s Course Part 1

This week I am enrolled in a NRA Basic Instructor course for shooting pistols. For Part 1 of this course we discussed, “What does it means to be a NRA Instructor?” This course covers how to actually teach the “NRA” way and present their materials that are used in their basic shooting course. We did several exercises which involved role playing scenarios. We also dialogued about the ethical and legal aspects of teaching a student how to use a firearm.

Key-takes aways : The main course object for each student to gain knowledge, and excuse the right attitude for the sport of shooting firearms. We learnt quickly that an instructor should never use the “W” word when describing an NRA course, which is the word weapon. Each student must have their firearm permit prior to taking the basic course or the individual cannot handle any firearm in order to qualify for certification.

Another very important key point that was highlighted is to always ensure that no live ammo is brought into any classroom of a gun club. I also learnt that the student to instructor ratio is 2:1 respectively.

We reviewed several key benefits of having a training team, which include helping to organize and teach classes together rather than by oneself. Whether it is by having a backup to fill in to teach or for having a second eyes to observe or critique a student’s techniques while practicing in class or on the shooting range as a safety precaution.

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