NRA Instructor’s Course Part 2

Part 2 – Tonight’s class includes the 1st Round of Qualification for the basic instructor’s course includes shooting a pistol outside on the firing range. Each student is required to qualify as a NRA instructor by shooting 20 rounds in a 6×6 square on an 8” round target at 45 yards away. Yes, I qualified on my first try, as I hit 16 out of 20, so obviously there is always room for improvement.

We covered more information on how to be a good NRA instructor to students. A key take away: One must always ask to touch a student and state where to see if it is okay, in order to correct a student’s firearm technique by offering assistance, except in extreme case of emergency. I learnt that a firearm’s classroom has a safety zone for the purposes of demonstrating proper technical skill while using any firearm. Most importantly, any time anyone picks up a firearm they must inspect the chamber of the gun to ensure it’s clear and that the magazine is out of the pistol. Again, always point the firearm down range away from everyone for safety purposes.

We did several exercises with role playing, as instructor vs. student to learn both sides of the lesson’s material and we critique each other along the way. We also took our first instructor’s exam and yes, I passed it, too! So there is 8 more hours of training to complete in order to become a NRA basic pistol instructor.

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