NRA Instructor’s Course Part 3

This NRA Basic Instructor for Pistols course was taught by Philip Scarano, who is a certified NRA Counselor. The class met at the Lloyd Rod and Gun Club in Highland, NY, which has a great outdoor range. The NRA Basic Instructor’s for Pistols course is for 16 hours of reviewing and teaching proper firearm training techniques.

Part 3 – As instructor trainees, we collectively reviewed the 5 fundamentals of firearms, which are: aiming, hold control, breathing control, trigger control, and follow through. We practiced both bench-rest sitting and standing positions that are used in shooting. We had to demonstrate to our instructor counselor how to correctly load and unload of dummy ammunition in both semi-automatic pistol, as well as, in a single and double action revolvers. We covered how to calculate the score of a target, we discussed the importance of evaluating both the students and instructors for feedback in order for both to make room for improvement, and we completed another written exam.

One major key take away – A certified instructor needs to understand that not all students learn the same way or at the same pace, so it can be a balancing act to keep everyone on the same page. Other take always: There are actually several types of NRA instructor trainings available, which includes Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Marksmanship. Once you complete the course and qualify you will be given access to NRA instructor’s website for ordering supplies for your future trainings. You will receive a NRA certificate stating you are able to now teach the basic course for the NRA or you can also help other instructors lead similar trainings who are now part of your training team.

Brief History on the NRA video

What is the NRA? video

Personally, I look forward to taking other NRA firearm courses and getting trained in those instructor’s courses not only to expand my knowledge and skills, but also to teach others. I would like the opportunity to instruct students on how to respect firearms properly, as well as, discover that shooting sportsmanship can be fun, when it is done safely.

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