Critical Race Theory

In the news again today is the issue of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Glad to see parents are finally taking a stand against CRT by not having it taught in schools. We do not need to teach children to judge others by the color of their skin. Teachers need to be able to focus on the basic fundamentals, especially after having been out of school environment for a year due to covid.

Why are school boards so eager to push this woke curriculum agenda? Is it to be politically correct by just jumping on the bandwagon? When is the school boards going to examine the material and discuss the repercussions of teaching the Marxist ideology upon our youth?

Education should is about learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. We should not be teaching young children that all American are racists, as this only causes more division. Unfortunately inequality exists, but not everyone is a racist. American history should remain truthful by being taught that it is the land of free and there equal opportunity for all.

God created one race, the human race. We should act like it. Learn to coexist together, not apart. We have taken God out of everything, then we wonder why people don’t get along? Consider putting a stop to CRT. For the love of God and country, Americans need to stand up and fight for our children’s education by exercising our constitutional rights for democracy and capitalism to be taught in our public schools.

Note: database lists over 300 colleges that are already teaching CRT.


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