South Of The Border

It has been 6 months and no one from the new Presidency has visited the southern border. Finally, they are going this Friday to figure out what can be done to stop the surge of illegal aliens from entering the United States. But why on earth is the VP only going to El Paso, TX, as that is so far from the actual southern border itself. Granted, I truly feel sad for the children who have been separated from their parents. The VP should physically go see the children’s facility to see how inadequate it is for them.

Hello??? How politically backwards can everything be? Our federal government is hindering those who are legal citizens from shopping within the United States. Then, they allowing those who are not legal to enter and they are not even been tested for covid or being vaccinated. Let’s just contaminate our people with more germs. It’s idiotic to say the least.

However, we should only allow those who are fully vaccinated and legal, which means they successfully went through the proper channels to become an American citizen. No one should not be allowed in until they have been given a clean bill of health, which includes vaccinations and had obtain the right legal paperwork to cross the border.

Is there one size fits all answer, no probably not. If we look at our past history and consider how Ellis Island was an island unto itself, as it was for good reason. Let’s us first protect our people, the American citizens. Then, together consider who should we allow into the United States of America, the land of the free.

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