Everyone’s Life Matters

You shall not murder – Exodus 20:13.

Today’s news, is stating that criminal violence is rising. Doesn’t everyone’s life matters? No parent should have to bury their child. Why won’t our government acknowledge the senseless deaths happening in our urban cities across our country? We have removed the governing laws for consequences and voted for defunding the police departments, so crime keeps rising. Then, we ask why our young people are dying?

Local governments need to hire more police and stop defunding law organizations. It is a proven fact that education in correctional facilities reduces the recidivism rate. Citizens need to support these educational programs. Create more trade jobs programs to encourage today’s youth to want gain useful skills. If we don’t step up security to protect the communities in which we live, then who will? We need to encourage and support local neighborhood watches.

Where are today’s Guardian Angels? If we instilled basic Biblical values into our children, then maybe there be less deaths as well. God tells us in Exodus 20:13 that murdering others is totally wrong. We need to up hold those accountable for their wrong doings. If people don’t value others, then senseless crime will continue to happen. Again, we all matter!


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