A New Heaven

In the last two chapters of Revelations 21 and 22 God reveals a new heaven. Apostle John describes a new heaven as the most beautiful place. Our greatest experience here on earth will never compare to heaven.

God has gone and prepared a place for us that will have no more tears, illness, death, or sin. Heaven will be the most incredible that we as it will beyond anything we can imagine. In paradise we will have the greatest joy than ever before.

God planted eternity in our hearts and we long to go there. We are to place our trust and confidence in Jesus as our personal Savior. This old world and old heaven will pass away. God will create a new heaven for His people.

God creates everything new. We are a new creation in Christ. God will be us there in heaven. People will fail us. God will never fail us. Heaven will be brand new for us. Are you ready to see the new Holy City? Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of life? We shall see other believers there.

Is God’s heart within you? God wants you to be with Him forever. God wants to dwell in you. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There is Hope in Christ and a whole new heaven awaits us.

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley video

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