Finding The Key Part 1

Listening to the Session 3 podcast, which is listed below is about Finding the Key to a successful marriage. The group leaders covered the scriptures that covered how each of us should walk with God, as well as, how to be a either a godly husband or wife. We need to learn what each other’s needs are based upon scripture.

We must pray together for each other to seek God in their lives. This time of prayer can bring about connection and understanding each other more. It can help to sort things out and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Think of ways to help each other to make their life easier. One way is be listening to what’s bothering the other person or by asking questions as how the person’s day went. Yet, it’s good to be independent, but also look for balance in your relationships. Do something unexpected creative things for each other.

Always put God first in your lives. Respect each other. Work as a team to achieve your goals together. You need each other in order to work and succeed. Focus on the positives instead of the negatives of each other. God will provide for your needs. Things change and there will be losses, so you need to remain strong in your faith together.

I pray that we may love one another, as God calls us to do throughout the Bible. Otherwise, we shall never find the key to knowing Jesus.

CCOHV Marriage Ministry – Session 3 Part 1

Session 3 Handout

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