Finding The Key Part 2

Continuing to listen to Session 4 podcast called Finding the Key Part 2 today. We are walk in light and love by following Jesus. These days things are a bit corrupt, so we need to wise with what we are doing especially in marriage. Recap: Part 1 covered ways to meet each other’s needs. God is the one who makes us complete. Finding balance and respect is key to connect with each other.

Part 2 deals with understanding differences in each of us. The golden rule treat others like you want to be treated. We should not judge, nor condemn, but forgive each other. Women stew on problems and men compartmentalize issues. This can cause friction in marriage. We need to listen and trust each other, as well as, God. If we don’t depend on God’s help, then relationship will be difficult.

Women are complex and men need to be more understanding. Wife may just want husband to listen, rather than to fix it whatever is broken. Men usually have a very difficult time saying they’re sorry, but we should both seek peace. Men need to be appreciated, along with to provide and protect their own family. We need to be friends with each other. Women need openness and to be heard vs. men may just need to see us rather than just talking.

Couples need to be shoulder to shoulder to conquer tasks or problems together. Neither should dominate the other, but to complete each other. You two may need to talk things out, but do it amicably. By understanding differences embracing the adventure of marriage will be easier.

Marriage Ministry Session 4

Session 4 Handout


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