Baltimore Bound!

Last night, we saw the biblical Queen Esther theatrical show at Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA. it was totally awesome. The main verse was Be still and know that I Am God. We tend go back in time when visiting the Amish farmland country. One can’t help but to check out the Amish and their beautiful horses and buggies trotting about town.

One thing I especially like was that the show mentioned was to remember where you came from. So today, we went to our family reunion in Middle River, MD. It has been two years since we’ve seen everyone. So we will enjoy hanging out on the water along with eating tons of blue shell crabs topped with old bay seasoning and corn on the cob. Then hopefully top it off with an egg custard snow ball with marshmallow for dessert.

There isn’t nothing better than being with my Baltimore family. Cheers to our folks in heaven who I know are smiling down on all of us for carrying on the crab feast family tradition.

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