Fall 2021 and so it begins …

Yes, the Fall semester has started as of yesterday with more new classes next week. Every campus has different start and ending times due to the delta variant. Never did I think colleges would demand students get this accine, but now with Federal government approval changes everything as we know it. This FDA government approved now makes it easier for schools to mandate the covid shot not just college students, but for everyone and anyone in America. I still believe that if a child or parent doesn’t want the children vaccinated they should have that right to say no way. However, I clearly see the inevitable that the schools and colleges are going to do what is in the best interest of all vaccinated students because they’re the majority and these educational institutions have to follow government regulated health guidelines.

Join me in praying for shield of protection for good health for all the students, staff, and teachers, as we head back into the classrooms. We ask you, Father God, to keep us all from the harmful and deadly virus, so that the children can continue to gain their education. May your perfect will and safety prevail across our nation’s educational system. Grant us courage, confidence, and strength to us all, so that each of us can be a light for Jesus wherever we go, for He is with us. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

Stay Safe my friends! aka Professor Wisor

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