Web Design Course

I am have been on my computer setting up a new web design course to use on 3 different LMS platforms. It seems like I have to come full circle from teaching technology to hopefully teaching my actual major, which was web strategy and design. I have been asked by a few local colleges teach this specific web course. I am so excited to teach this new art course, because I am passionate about web design and the actual design process.

This month, I completed some refresher HTML and CSS training courses. I finished creating the discussion forums and now I am working on the weekly assignments and in-class labs for the students to complete. Next, I have to create a midterm and final exams. Luckily, the author and publishers provides pre-made course material, so I only have to tweak it.

The first half of the semester each student will create their own personal portfolio website. The second half they will work as a group to design a website for team collaboration. I will teach the students how to create mood boards, wireframes, and a visual style guide. Each group will present their websites at the end of the semester to the rest of the class, so they can learn critiquing skills.

This week, I started teach remotely, but next week there is a possibility that I will be teaching at 5 different colleges. I find it amazing how God continues to give me opportunities to teach for such prestigious colleges and universities. All of which, just happened to be located either in or near the beautiful Hudson Valley area.

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