Adjunct Orientation

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a fantastic orientation for Marist College’s adjunct professors. It was located in the new Hancock building on their Poughkeepsie campus. It was nice to meet and mingle with the deans, chairs and other teachers that represent each school at the college. It was great to be face-to-face to catch up on new policies and procedures for the upcoming semester, which starts next week.

The best part was supporting two best friends of mine who are now adjunct Professors for Marist this Fall. I enjoyed helping them network at the reception afterwards, so they can have the ability teach more going forward if they that want. Being alumni, I also gave them a quick walking tour of the beautiful campus grounds.

We had the opportunity to watch a gorgeous evening sunset, as it settled on the shimmering Hudson River. I realized that summer is almost over and yet, I am very excited for another great Fall semester. I pray for everyone safety and for technology to work well (just a bit of humor for new teachers). Amen.

Let’s Go Red Foxes!

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