Text Editors & FTP Apps

Since I am teaching the same web design course for 3 colleges this semester I need to make sure certain programs work. Obviously, each college has a computer lab that is different from other.

Tonight’s art class explored Text editors and File Transfer Protocol applications in the Marist College’s Steel Plant Mac lab. Part of our class time was spent figuring out, which text editor to use for html and css coding. The Mac’s TextEdit app was a bust, but students could download TextMate. However, the entire class hands down liked using BBEdit app instead.

Each college web design class needs access to sever webspace, but not all colleges provide it. We also tried using various File Transfer Protocols applications. Here is what I recommend after doing some testing:

Marist College students are given access to the FoxWeb Server by using FileZilla and the trick is for students to first log into FoxWeb. Second, to start the FileZilla app by logging with using their kkxxx account, as their username to sign-in properly.

Mercy College does not have access to free server webspace for students, but they can save their web projects to their free 1 TB cloud storage space.

Pace University offers their students webspace for their web design projects. CoreFTP and FileZilla were both recommended, I was only able to connect to the college’s server by using a totally different FTP software called WinSCP.

By the end of the tonight’s class I was thrilled that each student had successfully created their first basic html page. They also learned how to ftp files from a lab’s computers as the client to the college’s server.


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