Web Design Week 3

This week students will covering Chapter 2 and learning how to code html web templates. Students will be completing several exercises in class to learn the html5 semantics elements. Semantics means those elements that have meaning to a web designer or web developer. The four basic semantics are: header, nav for navigation, main, and footer.

Students will be learning the Html5 tags that are used to form a basic webpage. Students will create an index.html and template.html files this week in class. The class will also have the opportunity to add comments to their Html5 code, along with how to code using word wrap and non-breaking spaces.

Next, students will discover the different entity symbols that can be used with html and display in a browser. Students will also learn how to add color to a website by incorporating hexadecimal colors in their html code. The class will explore how to validate their html files, as well as, the value of testing web pages in different browsers.

HTML5 Tags
HTML5 Entity Symbols
HTML5 Hexadecimal Colors


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