Learning Management Systems

This semester, as you know already that I am teaching at several colleges. Each college uses a different Learning Management System (LMS). A LMS is a software platform that professors and use to digitally communicate lessons to students.

Professors use the back end of the LMS to load up content to use in class and setup assignments and tests. Students use the front end of the LMS to read content, complete exams, and turn in homework in for grading. Each LMS platform has these same capabilities, yet they’re not all compatible. This means using the same content can be a bit difficult at times. Then issue is that most LMS are not connected to College Register’s Banner software, so midterm and final grades must get entered manually into it.

I can honestly say I have somewhat mastered using these LMS: ILearn via Sakai is used at Marist College, eClasses via Moodle is used at MSMC. Classes via Brightspace is used at Pace University, and Blackboard is used at both Mercy College and SUNY Ulster. Then, added in Zoom. So I am finally now ready to roll for the rest of this semester.

However, I know that I couldn’t of done it all without the help of Digital Education and Technical Support teams at all of these campuses. A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to the college’s specially trained staff, as I can’t take all the credit for setting up all my courses by myself. They are definitely a huge help to all the professors, so we can avoid technical issues and focus more on teaching.

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