Web Design Week 4

This week my Web Design class will be learning how to add images, links, and lists to web pages. Students will have the opportunity to explore using the DIV tag to section off parts of a webpage. Understanding how to us div tags is important especially when the class starts assigning ids and classes to these divided sections.

Students will practice adding images using the <a href img source> tag, how to add relative links within a website vs. external links, as well as, creating ordered and unordered lists. We will continue to practice the html lab exercises to build on their list of tags syntax.

The class will watch the following Ted Talk video called, “The Secret of Design Noticing” authored by product producer Tony Fadell. By noticing the small details, we can tweak a product to improve how it functions. Designers are often asked to redesign a former product, especially when it’s life cycle is over, to be a better one. Or to incorporate a product’s past features into a brand new product.


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