The second week of web design class, I had students create a mood board to reflect their personal portfolio website. It was to include colors, typography, photos, textures, patterns, and anything miscellaneous that the student wants to consider including into their site.

What is a Mood Board and how useful is it? is actually best described very well by Jessie Showalter in his video on Mood Boarding. The students now have a clearer picture of what is to be included on their website.

One can always create more than one mood board. It can be neat and orderly or one big jumble mess depending on the artist style. Typically a designer would present several variations to the clients and let them select what coincides with the company’s mission and vision. By understanding the different web designer’s tools, students should be able to create even better websites.

Another good mood boarding link is by, as they share why mood boards are needed.

Web Design is very much like building a house, as the HTML is the foundation, the walls, and the roof needs to be solid, then CSS adds the creative flare to the site, and JavaScript adds the interactive components to further their newly designed home to be more user friendly.


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