Career Center

Last week, I went to visit MSMC’s Career Center. to chat with their Director, Ellen Bourhis Nolan, to arranged a future visit by her to my technology classes. I look forward to having her sharing about the Career Center’s resources that are available for MSMC’s students. It is also equally important for undergraduates to know how to apply for an internship.

I was impressed with the MSMC’s Career Resources Booklet that was created for their college students. It includes several examples of cover letters, resumes, and thank you letters for students to reference. The booklet also has helpful resume tips, so any students can start building their own resume.

Networking is a key skill to to getting in the front door of any business. Obviously, is definitely a good place to start building an online resume and a career network. Today’s college students need to understand it isn’t always necessarily what you know, but who you know, especially when it comes to job hunting after graduation.

MSMC overlooking the Hudson River with the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge from Newburgh, NY.

GO Knights!

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