Web Design Week 5

This week my web design students are learning what are Cascading Stylesheets along with how to create external CSS file and link it a HTML index file. Obviously, they’re finding out there a lot of coding involved to set up CSS, as it is called “reskinning” a website. However, CSS makes it way easier to update a website, as you only will need to change code for one CSS file in the future than every html file.

Students are also discovering the slightest error in their syntax can easily cause the webpage not to load run in a web browser. Students learnt how to add comments to a CSS stylesheet, which is very similar to adding html comments. The class has also learnt how to validate their web files. Each student is building a fitness club website, which is the textbook example for their homework and adding to it each week.

The class discussed the differences between UI designers and UX developers last week. This week’s forum students will be reviewing about what are the basic fundamentals of web design. They will be creating their own portfolio site for by midterms based on the first four chapters of our textbook to show what they have learned so far for the first half of the semester.

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