Web Design for Nonprofits

Today, I had an awesome guest speaker for my Mercy College web design students, Gail Orser from Strategies for Organizational Success LLC, to speak about her professional experience working with non-profits. She shared about the importance of creating a good mission and vision statements along with the need for nonprofits to develop SMART Goals for 3 to 5 years.

Students had the opportunity to interact by sharing their favorite non-profits and if they had ever done any type of volunteering. Gail reviewed Salvation Army and Abilities First websites, which are both nonprofits with the class. We discussed several possible design changes to provide a better user experience.

Now, I am in the process of arranging for Gail to speak in person to my other web design students at Marist College and then possibly to Pace University students via zoom or pre-recorded presentation session. I enjoy being able to bring in great speakers with real-life work experiences into my classroom. Hopefully, this presentation about Non-Profits will encourage college students to consider apply for an internship at non-profits or to consider volunteering to do good to help others.


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