Jesus, The Great High Priest

Today’s Sunday Service was from Hebrew 5, where author explains how Jesus was to be a priest for God forever. For 33 and half years Jesus roamed the earth doing signs and wonders. Jesus prayed with us and for us. Jesus learned obedience ceo through the things He suffered. we must remember to listen to what God want. We need not turn a deaf ear to God’s direction.

This chapter explains that a priest has to be from the line of Aaron. One must understand the seriousness of the calling to be a priest. Each one needs to be held to a higher standard. We are all called to be a leader for God to bring others to Christ. We are to show compassion to others.

The verse that stood out to me was verse 5, where Jesus is called God’s son. Jesus was and still is a great high priest. God wants us to return home to Him. Christ loves us unconditionally. Jesus wants shepherds to help lead others to know Him. There is nothing that we can do that God won’t forgive. Our attitude needs to be sympathetic and loving like Jesus. We need to stop sinning and pick up our cross and follow Jesus.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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