Web Design Week 7

This week my web design students learned about mobile first strategy and why it is important to start with the smallest screen device and work your way up to a desktop screen when designing a website. The class has the opportunity to create a mobile site this week as homework, so they explored the necessary html and css code for viewports.

Students are completing their personal portfolio websites for next week’s show and tell session. As part of today’s lecture, we discussed the definition of a SWOT analysis and demographics characteristics, as one way to reach their target audience. The group assignment for this week, is to create a website proposal including mission, vision, and scope along with a SWOT analysis for their team project for their selected non-profit websites.

This week, my class they’ll be diving into the importance of designing for accessibility. They students already know how to add alternative text to images. The class discover that website to be made so that everyone can enjoy researching and shopping online.


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