Are You Embracing Jesus?

Today’s Sunday Service was from Hebrews 6 where God tells us not to lose our love for His Holy Word. God explains no believer can lose their salvation, but one can easily fall away. God instructs to know what we believe and to continue to grow in our faith.

We are to build a good foundation built on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. We need to know more than the elementary biblical principles. We are to heed the warnings in Hebrews and not to depart from the living God. Despite persecution or difficult times we need not drift away from God. Our Heavenly Father is going to judge us on what we have done for Him.

Instead of putting Jesus on the shelf and each of us should embrace Him. Christ tells us that we need to perfect our understanding and knowledge of Christ’s grace and mercy. We should be sharing and witnessing to not just to other followers, but those who are unsaved. God tells us to repent of our sins if we want to be with Jesus. There is only one way to Christ. Is Jesus living in you today?

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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